Club Awards: The Ken Wood Cup

The Club’s perpetual major award, the “Ken Wood Cup” is awarded each season to the outstanding member of the club. This award was first awarded in the 1947/48 season in memory of Sergeant Ken Wood, who sadly died during World War II. When deciding the recipient of this award, the general committee takes into account performances on the cricket field, sportsmanship and other services rendered to the club.

The winner of the Ken Wood Cup in 2017/18 is Monty Noble. Congratulations to Monty for his outstanding commitment and service to the club this year.

Ken Wood Cup Previous Winners
Year Winner
1970-71 Graham Johnstone
1971-72 Bob Fenton
1972-73 John Yates
1973-74 Noel Maxwell
1974-75 Barry Cline
1975-76 Steve Blockley
1976-77 Jim Freeman
1977-78 Kevin Keegan
1978-79 David Sheekey
1979-80 Martin Smith
1980-81 Ian Brown
1981-82 Martin Smith
1982-83 Roger Moore
1983-84 Chris Greleck
1984-85 Tony Thornby
1985-86 Frank Foy
1986-87 David Mills
1987-88 Rod Winsor
1988-89 Steve Cameron
1989-90 Chris Woodhouse
1990-91 Pat Fisher
1991-92 David Mills
1992-93 Jim Woodhouse
1993-94 David Sheekey
1994-95 Chris Woodhouse
1995-96 Brett Watts
1996-97 Daryl Daniels
1997-98 Peter Stankovic
1998-99 Francis von Demleux
1999-00 David Sheekey
2000-01 Stephen Keating
2001-02 Chris Leslie
2002-03 Chris Leslie
2003-04 Rob Hobday
2004-05 Anthony Greenhill
2005-06 Mitch Whyman
2006-07 Mitch Whyman
2007-08 Mark Naglost
2008-09 Mitch Whyman
2009-10 Damian Fuller
2010-11 David Allan
2011-12 Mitch Nicholls
2012-13 Mitch Nicholls
2013-14 Chris Olver
2014-15 Mitch Nicholls
2015-16 David Allan
2016-17 Mitch Nicholls
2017-18 Monty Noble