Northbridge Cricket Club Player Charter

All Northbridge Cricket Club players are expected to adhere to the following:

• Northbridge prides itself on being a social but serious club. It is expected that all players represent the club with honour and pride, along with a useful dose of humour.
• Treat all of your fellow players and opposition with respect at all times. We aim to play hard, we aim to have fun, but we definitely play fair.
• Treat player umpires with the same levels of respect as official umpires. There will be times you disagree with a decision, but the Northbridge way is to go back to your mark and have another crack at the batsman with the ball. Incidents involving match review committees are heavily frowned upon, refer to the disclaimer at the end of this document.
• As a player umpire, you make decisions by what’s in front of you, not who is batting or bowling.
• Participate fully in training. Turning up and requesting a bat, and then leaving is of no help the rest of your club mates. This also goes with encouraging your club mates, no matter their skill levels.
• A social club is a happy club. We all have commitments, whether it be family or work. But it is expected that players will make the effort to get back to the pub post-match for a drink with your club mates. Northbridge prides itself on the social side of things, with not many other clubs on the North Shore having an environment such as ours.
• When the time arises, we also expect players to volunteer their time to help grow the club. Whether that is at a Bunnings BBQ, recruiting new players, or blowing up the balloons for presentation night it’s important for our members to contribute.

Player Official Code of Conduct

A) All player behaviour shall be in accordance with “The Spirit of Cricket” as written in the MCC Laws of Cricket, and players shall also follow the following rules with respect to their conduct.
B) Players, umpires, officials and office bearers shall not engage in disorderly or improper conduct, or conduct which could bring themselves, Northbridge CC or the game into disrepute. The level and nature of offences shall, where possible, use the definitions embodied in the Cricket Australia code of Behaviour and any participating association competition rules.
C) All players shall display appropriate respect for all individuals, including local residents, and for private and public property at the ground before, during and after the match, or in any situation in which they could be associated with the association.
D) All players and officials shall obey the directives of any Local Council sign or regulation at any ground, or the directive of any Local Council officer, before, during and after any match.
E) Consumption of alcohol on the playing field and its immediate surroundings is not permitted by any player or official from the time of arrival at the ground till the end of play. This rule applies whether play is in progress or not such as during the tea break, an innings break or weather delay. This rule applies regardless of whether the player is directly involved in play or not such as a dismissed batsman. Any relevant Local Council rules regarding the consumption of alcohol should be also obeyed at all times including after the match.
F) A club captain or official for the match in question has the authority to prevent any person who has consumed alcohol at the ground from taking further part of the match as an official player in the 11, a substitute fielder, a scorer or a player umpire.
G) Smoking is not permitted on the field during play. Any relevant Local Council rules regarding smoking should also be obeyed at all times including after the match.

The Northbridge CC Executive maintain the right to deal with members that do not meet these standards effectively, which may include suspension or even removal of the member from the playing roster permanently with no refund of season fees paid.