New NSCA T20 Competition – further details!

Brief details are as follows:
• Sunday only competition for 8 teams with 7 rounds plus SF/GF on Sunday afternoons starting Sun 30 November through to Sunday 1 Feb (with the usual 2 week Xmas break).
• All games to be played at Blackman Oval, with 2 games per field each afternoon; 12-3, & 3-6.
• Similar rules as ‘normal’ one day games, except for the obvious reduction in total overs to 20 and 4 overs per bowler.  The ‘all out’ bonus point will not apply.
• Teams playing the 12-3 match are expected to provide an umpire for the 3-6 match, and vice versa.
• Competition is open to all players.  Clubs may wish to enter a ‘new’ team, or a team made up of current players already playing on the Saturday.  Usual clearances for playing in a different grade will not be required, but clubs should not be using ‘ring-ins’ from Grade or Shires clubs.

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