Rego Fees for Season 2012-2013

In case those in our club haven’t noticed – these are challenging times in the economy for many companies; and sporting clubs are also affected.  Being down on sponsorship $$ means we need to put fees up to cover our costs just to get on the field.  Several years ago the standard for most clubs including ours was to charge a $315 flat fee, the equivalent of $15 per Saturday, for the season which covered council fees, association fees and kit/cricket balls alone.
Over the years we have discounted this price heavily, particularly in tough times to support members through this period.
Now is the time for us to re-enter reality and therefore we need to put fees up to $285 this year.  Student fees will be $185. 

With this you will get the opportunity to use SCG training facilities throughout the year on a first come/first served basis.
We will automate a way for you to indicate availability each week and our training co-ordinator (soon to be announced ) will indicate to you which training sessions to attend if we are over-subscribed.

Like last year we are looking to secure a big name to help with coaching and we are close to announcing this.  Last year you will remember NSW Coach and former player Cory Richards helped out with sessions and we will look to emulate this with another.
We will have some outdoor training & trial matches at the start & on selected occasions & a social function during the season, concluding with our annual dinner.
Finally our club is a members based club & those that are fully paid up members get first pick in sides at the start and throughout the season. Further, they get the use of SCG training facilities – irrespective of the grade they play in.

All players need to wear a club shirt & hat with the club emblem. An order will be made during September & distributed prior to Round 3. So secure your cricket season as team nominations need to be entered on the 7th of September & lets all get ready to play cricket this summer.
Kind Regards,
Mitch Whyman
NCC President

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