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An update about the NCC Executive

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Dear Northbridge Cricketers,

At this years AGM, Mitch Whyman was voted in as your president. However, since then Mitch has decided to take a break from cricket administration for this season. We at Northbridge CC would like to thank Mitch for what he has done for this club over the years. We wouldn’t be the club we are without him, working behind the scenes, inspiring us both on and off the field.

Temporarily in his place for this season, I will not try and fill his shoes, as you cannot simply replace an administrator such as Mitch, and if I could be half the president of Northbridge CC that Mitch Whyman is then that would be enough for me. I think I could speak on behalf of those within the NCC Executive when I say we wouldn’t be involved behind the scenes within the administration of a club like Northbridge if it wasn’t for him.

Whilst his absence is temporary, Mitch will always be a part of the fabric that makes this club great. The door will always be open for a return, and we would hope that we can see him charging back in, steam coming out the ears, with the ball set ready for the famous ‘sticky bomb’ delivery. One of my fondest memories playing for Northbridge is the day that Mitch and I (Tornado and Cyclone as we liked to say) put on 39 runs for the 10th wicket against The Roys at Northbridge Oval in 2008 trying to fight off outright defeat. Our plan was simple, we were taking it 5 runs at a time. We got confident enough for Mitch to play a pull shot for 4 with his eyes closed. A day I wont forget (For the non-believers, see the scorecard

Thank you Mitch for all you have done for this club, for me and for all the Northbridge cricketers over the years. We hope to see you back soon!


Mitch Nicholls
a/ NCC President