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NCC Baggy Blue

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NCC Baggy Exciting News, Northbridge Cricket Club has returned to its traditional roots and has just accepted delivery of the NCC Baggy Blue. In its traditional colours of Dark Blue, Red and Gold, these high quality Australian Albion Baggies move away from the last baggies we produced in Black. We have a limited stock at a below cost price of $20 in both sizes Small – Large and Large to XXL.

Purchased baggies will handed out from 17th January on wards. We also only have very limited stock remaining of our 2014/2015 Cricket Shirt…

To grab your baggy or team shirt , head over to our team wear page.

2014/2015 Shirts Available

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NBShirt - 2014 & 2015We have new NCC merchandise available for our members to take advantage of. For the 2014/2015 season we are welcoming on board our newest sponsor, 3P Learning, the company behind the world leading Mathletics web based learning platform. So for a below-cost price, you can obtain a new NCC shirt just $10. We will also very soon introduce a blue baggy cap, a slightly different direction to the last baggys we did that were black. Our official club colours have always been Dark Blue, Red and Gold, and we are looking at reinstating those full colours, these can now be purchased for $20 Head over to our Shirt and Baggies Page for more information. Update: NCC Baggy Blue is now available